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We offer only the best Chinese lessons for kids with a unique and innovative approach to language learning.

School History

NihaoKids is a project created by That’s Mandarin. It is an online Chinese learning project for kids that uses innovative learning methodology and modern technology to teach kids Chinese all over the world. NihaoKids has 15 years of experience in Chinese language education and uses its own self-developed online Chinese learning platform for all online classes which helps students accelerate their Chinese learning process. It is an ideal choice for having an immersive experience in remote Chinese learning. NihaoKids’ unique and innovative approach to language learning guarantees an enjoyable Chinese learning experience for your kids.

School Features

  • Highly experienced teachers

    All of our teachers are highly experienced and qualified to teach using our methods.

  • Conducive learning environment

    Kids are encouraged to speak only Mandarin while having our classes.

  • Affordable

    Our courses are priced reasonably for the great benefits they offer.

  • Shenzhen Campus
  • Shenzhen Campus

Our Value-added Benefits


We developed our own innovative teaching methods (Link Word and Story Telling) and learning platform (Mandarin Café) to help kids learn Chinese faster, better and smarter.


When you join NihaoKids, you’re joining more than a learning platform. You’ll be part of a community that supports and encourage each other to learn and explore the various aspects of China.


NihaoKids has partnered with numerous big companies, embassies, schools, and agencies worldwide to introduce Chinese language and culture to a wider network of people.

Variety of Courses

Whatever your purpose of learning Chinese is, we are confident we can create a course to fulfill your needs and equip you with the right tools to survive any types of conversation.

Online Program

You can learn Mandarin whenever and wherever you are with our online program, taught by the same teachers as our on-site classes, and with the same quality of teaching methods and lessons.

HSK Preparation

NihaoKids provides special HSK Preparation classes for kids of all ages which include exam-taking skills to ensure your kid passes any type of Chinese exam with flying colors.


Each curriculum is designed differently based on students’ particular interests and can be tailor-made to fit any learning goals and needs, as well as students’ learning styles.

Mandarin Cafe

Created in 2005 as a multipurpose online tool, Mandarin Café will take your learning experience to the next level with its integrated review lessons, class notes, and scheduling system.

The Future

NihaoKids is always evolving as we continuously look for better ways to deliver lessons and quality service to our students. We aim to be the future of Chinese learning globally.

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